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Revd Canon Dr Charlotte Methuen

University of Glasgow


The Formation of the Faith:  Studies in the Early Church and Patristics (2010-2011, Semester 2)

Studies in Reformation History (2011-2012)


course convenor and lectures for: Church and Society in Scotland (Honours) / Church and Congregation (level 2) (2011-2012)

other courses:

course convenor, lectures and seminars for:  TRS 2:  Traditions and Transformations (2011-2012)

University of Oxford

teaching  BA:

FHS Paper 8: Lecture course:  The European Reformation (HT 2006, HT 2007, HT 2008, MT 2008)

FHS Paper 10: Further Studies in History and Doctrine: Martin Luther (MT 2006, MT 2007, MT 2008, MT 2009, MT 2010)

FHS Paper 10: Further Studies in History and Doctrine: John Calvin (MT 2008)

reading course:  Controversial texts of the Reformation (TT 2007, TT 2008, TT 2009)

reading course:  Luther’s Reformation Treatises of 1520 (TT 2006)

tutorial teaching for the paper “History and Theology in Western Christianity 1500-1619”

teaching  BTh/CTh:

Lecture course:  The Reformation: An Introduction (HT 2009, HT 2010, HT 2011); contribution to lectures on Liturgy (history of BCP; MT 2009, MT 2010); tutorials and supervision for History papers (A3b, C2) and for Christian Worship (D3)

teaching MSt / MPhil Theology (Ecclesiastical History)

with Prof Sarah Foot:  designed and led new course on the Nature and Practice of Ecclesiastical History (MT 2008-HT2009)

classes on the Historiography of Calvin, Foxe and Burnet (MT 2005, MT 2006, MT 007)

co-founder of Ecclesiastical History Research Workshop (initiated TT 2008)

research supervision: 

for MSt (one-year Masters), MPhil (two-year Masters) and DPhil


for Preliminary Examination, BA Final Honours School and MPhil / MSt


Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Summer semester 2011:  Lecture:  “The History of women and vocation“

Seminar:  “Women in the Reformation”


Oxford Brookes University 

2008-2009, Semester 2: History Faculty, module U67521:  The Weimar Republic and the Rise of Nazism (1918-1933)

2009-2001:  Theology Faculty:  FdA Ministry and MA Ministry:  Teaching and supervision for the following modules

U70403:  Growing in knowledge and understanding of the Christian tradition (History and Doctrine)

U70406:  Developing knowledge and skill for ministry 1 (Liturgy)

U70431:  Liturgical ministry in the church

MA:  Theological Foundations for Ministry (Liturgy)


Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Winter semester 2005-6: Seminar:  “Medieval Women Mystics: Theologians of a Feminine Experience of God?” (3 weekend blocks)

Summer semester 1996:  reading course:  “Women and Authority in the Early Church”

April-July 1993:  reading course:  “The Theology and Philosophy of the Enlightenment in Britain and Germany” (with Dr. Reinhold Bernhardt, Systematic Theology)


Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Winter semester 2001-2:  Proseminar:  Luther’s Catechisms

Reading course:  On the definition of “Reformation”

English for Theologians

Summer semester 2001:  Proseminar: Luther’s De captivitate babylonica ecclesiae (praeludium)

Reading course: Faith and Reason in the Enlightenment

Winter semester 2000-1: Proseminar:  The Confessio Augustana

Reading course:  Medieval mysticism

Summer semester 2000:  Proseminar:  Luther’s An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation

Reading course:  Theological Controversies about Free Will

Winter semester 1999-2000: Hauptseminar: Sexuality and the Church (with Prof. Dr. Erich Geldbach)

Reading course:  The Reformation in Europe

Summer semester 1999: Proseminar:  Philip Melanchthon

Seminar:  The History of Biblical Interpretation (with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ebach and Dr. Ulrike Bail; Old Testament)

Reading course:  Luther’s early reformation treatises from 1520

Winter semester 1998-9:  Proseminar :  Luther’s 95 Theses

Hauptseminar:  “Was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält”:  The Dialogue between Theology and the Natural Sciences (with Prof. Dr. Christian Link; Systematic Theology)

Reading course:  Women in the Reformation

Summer semester 1998:  Proseminar:  The Colloquy of Marburg and other Sixteenth-Century Eucharistic Controversies

Winter semester 1997-8:  Proseminar:  Erasmus

Reading course:  The English Reformation

Summer semester 1997:   Proseminar:  The Early Reformation in Germany


Universität Hamburg

Winter semester 1995-6:  Seminar for teaching candidates:  The German Reformation

Reading course:  Women and Authority in the Early Church

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Winter semester 2002-3:  Hauptseminar:  “Women and the Reformation” (3 weekend blocks)

Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal

Winter semester 2006-7:  Hauptseminar:  “Medieval Women Mystics: Theologians of a Feminine Experience of God?”


College of the Transfiguration (CPSA Seminary), Grahamstown, South Africa

April / May 2002:  contributions to lecture and seminar courses including:

The Reformation and the Sacraments (Systematic Theology);The English Reformation (Anglican Studies);  Celebrating the Eucharist / Principles of Homiletics (Liturgy);  Masculinity (Women’s Studies)